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Artist statement

I have always tried to draw a parallel to two common themes, fantasy and nature. I try to bring out the flight of the imagination in my work through color and imagery, while still incorporating nature’s beauty. My OMAS poster communicates this best, with the illustration representing ideas growing into something big and beautiful. In my illustrations and graphic design work I incorporate older ideas of art that is not always expressed today, allowing for me to use a range of color and flowing illustration. An artist that is currently influencing me is, Echo Chernik, with her art nouveau illustrations and Saul Bass with his film festival posters. I like to take the concepts of color and flowing illustration to my web design as well. In my Stone Hearts web site the more modern silhouette of the characters in the story subdues the brilliant color through out the web site. Such as art nouveau and the Internet, or Ancient Egyptian and TV.

The idea of using an art nouveau style with a wide range of color to tastefully communicate art is very appealing to me. To me, combining the clean look of today’s design with creative color and illustration would take communication to a new level of sophistication. Also by using older art styles that never lived long enough to see some of today’s media gives that media a now look with a familiar feel.

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Latest project: Sketchbook, Illustrations for NMP
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Third Project: T-shirt Ideas for TMA
Forth Project: Horse booklet
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